5 Reasons to study ICT

As the world continues to thrive in the digital age, the demand for professionals with the ability and computing skills has increased exponentially.


As the world continues to thrive in the digital age, the demand for professionals with the ability and computing skills has increased exponentially and the emergence of technology has made the computing industry a lucrative career pathway.

If you’re considering studying towards a career in the ICT industry, or have not considered the prospect, we took a look at 5 key reasons to study ICT: 

  • Job Opportunities:

    Embarking on a career in the ICT industry can provide a number of lucrative job opportunities, providing professionals with the qualifications and skills required to 

    • ICT Support Manager – £41,000

    • Support Analyst – £31,000

    • ICT Technician – £30,000 

    • Data Analyst – £34,000

    • Web Designer – £32,000

    Diverse Field of Work:

    If you presumed a career in ICT is sitting in front of a computer all day or working and repairing desktop PCs, you’d be wrong. The field of Information Technology is a wide, diverse sector with the highest abundance of job opportunities in many parts of the world. 

    In a fast-paced world, the reliance on technology has been paramount to the success of businesses, organisations and all walks of everyday life. 

    Whilst a graduate career as an IT Technician, Support Assistant or Data Analyst is a successful pathway, the opportunities for further specialisms can lead to advanced salaries. 

    Specialist areas such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and even robotics can double average salaries to well in excess of £60,000. 

    Hands-on, practical environments: 

    Another benefited of pursuing a career in the IT industry is the hands-on, practical work that the sector demands. If you are an individual who does not thrive in a static office environment or oppose to endless theory, there are plenty of opportunities within the IT industry to apply your knowledge in a practical, changing work environment. 

    Discover and utilise your creative skills:

    The IT industry needs creative problem-solvers. Right now, the industry is growing so rapidly, it can be hard to figure out which problems to solve and when.

    Working in ICT requires you to be a thoughtful problem solver—and that means that not every problem can be solved with protocols, you will be expected to apply your knowledge, understanding and in some cases specialisms to help solve advanced technical problems. 

    As an IT professional, you need to create solutions to problems and adapt them to fit individual cases, whether that is providing support as an IT Technician for a large organisation, or working as a freelance to support local businesses, the knowledge you develop from studying ICT can be applied to all industries of work. 

    Travel the world whilst you work:

    Another fantastic benefit of studying for a career in the ICT industry is where it can take you. The modern world is powered by technology, which means the demand for highly skilled IT professionals is and will continue to soar. 

    Whether you enjoy travelling or want to see more of the world, a career in the ICT industry will not get in the way of that and can take you all over the world. 

    If you’re interested in kickstarting your career in the IT industry, you can do so by applying for our Computing & ICT courses here
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