5 Reasons to study Media

The creative industry is an extremely competitive but rewarding one, here are 5 reasons why you should study media.


The creative industry is an extremely competitive but rewarding one, so it’s important that you study a course which equips you with the skills and understanding needed to stand out in a busy industry of creative thinkers. 

Media courses at Oaklands College offer students a taste of what it is like to work in this fast-paced industry. Our state-of-the-art media suites feature the same hardware and software used by professionals in the industry, giving students a head start for when they enter the world of work. Students will also have unprecedented access to the latest equipment so that they can complete their projects to the highest standard. 

We took a look at five reasons why you should study Media:

Release your creativity

Media is a vocational subject, it encourages students to explore their creativity by producing their own films, writing their own newspapers and articles, develop showreels, music videos and much more. 

Pursuing a career which embraces your creativity can be one of the most rewarding pathways to take, whether you are interested in becoming a video editor, broadcast journalist, media buyer or planner, content manager or public relations officer, a qualification in media can result in a number of creative career opportunities. 

The international growth of the media industries has sparked greater demand for graduates who possess advanced skills and knowledge within the field, opening opportunities in communications and media management, public relations, social, print and digital media and much more for cultural and creative industries. 

At Oaklands College, media students are given the opportunity to further enhance their creativity, working with industry experts whose transferable skills, coupled with the excellent facilities and media equipment available for students, ensure pupils leave college with the knowledge, skills and understanding to pursue Higher Education or enter employment. 

Study an intellectually challenging course

There is a stigma attached to Media Studies that the course focuses solely on capturing film and videography, however, Media Studies is an intellectually challenging course, students learn about linguistic theory, exploring the complexities of structuralist and post-structuralist thought and are encourages to create and direct film around important subject matters within society and their local communities. 

Progressive thinking is an important tool for students; prejudice needs to be challenged, explored, discussed, debated and analysed and studying Media enables students to creatively do that. 

Developing skills for life

Similarly to the trade industry, individuals with specialist skills are able to financially reap the rewards for their hard work. In any industry, the importance of marketing businesses, services and products is commensurate to the level of success that can be achieved. 

The importance for professional, creative marketing in modern society is huge and offers a platform for creative graduates to flourish. Whether you are designing a new logo, creating a video to advertise a product or service, or even recording and editing for a specific event, the financial benefits of a professional videography or film editor is commensurate with the high demand. 

The average base pay of a graduate Video Editor is around £22,000 and can peak as high as £50,000, varying on the size of the organisation and experience the individual has obtained. 

Develop an understanding of the world around you

Being able to study, analyse and critique the media industry offers students an understanding the impact of the media industry on everyday lives. 

Students will be given the opportunity to challenge the world around them and develop critical knowledge and understanding of how important the media industry is to society, which can be vital for roles as press officers, journalists and print and broadcast media.

Study up-to-date material

Students studying the media industry are enabled to apply theoretical concepts and critical thinking to real-world scenarios. Students will enjoy hands-on, practical learning that continues to evolve alongside the changing environment. 

Students will be given the opportunity to critically analyse real case studies, such as latest media conglomerates, celebrities, scandals, news and television outlets, video games and public relation incidents, all of which offer knowledge and understanding of a variety of media forms and creating a familiar and engaging learning environment. 

Media students at Oaklands College have recently celebrated their end of year showcases, if you are interested in seeing what the students got up to over the course of the year, click below.

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