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In June 2010, the St Albans Criminal Court played host to the Oaklands College Law Student's Mock Trial competition. To read more click here.

Game of Pool Turns Nasty in Criminal Trial of the Year!

In June 2010, the St Albans Criminal Court played host to the Oaklands College Law Student’s Mock Trial competition. Resurrected after a year’s absence, the competition tests AS Law student’s knowledge of criminal law, and their skills in public speaking and legal advocacy. This year the trial centred around a game of pool at a local public house, which allegedly turned nasty, resulting in the victim being struck on the head with a pool cue, and the Defendant being charged with Actual Bodily Harm.

After a heated two hour trial, the jury finally reached their verdict: the defendant was found not guilty, and was free to go.

Mark Dawe, Principal and Chief Executive of Oaklands College, commented: “It was so inspiring to see our students rising to the challenge of conducting a court case. They were professional and handled it well, responding to new evidence and     showing a good comprehension of the law.”

Simon Cohl, Senior Advanced Skills Practitioner, and event organiser, said: “The Mock Trial competition only succeeds with the dedication and hard work from our students, and this year they were better than ever.  Every Witnesses, Judge, and member of the jury were played by Oaklands College students and the whole case was presided over by Richard Downing, ex-criminal lawyer and former President of the Hertfordshire Law Society.

We were very lucky to be able to hold our mock trial in such a historical and meaningful setting. The environment and costumes helped the learners to immerse themselves in the role and they gave an outstanding performance. Thanks goes to the entire Law team for their support in pulling the whole event together, and to the Media students who did a great job in recording the whole event. Finally I would like to thank Richard for lending his legal expertise and great experience to the occasion. He offered an inspiring role model for the students.”

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