A Mighty Oak Tree for Oaklands

Oak tree planted at College by Kerry Pollard and Principal

The saying ‘Mighty oaks from little acorns grow’ has proved true for an oak tree planted at the College by Kerry Pollard and Principal, Zoe Hancock.

The 6 foot tree started life as a mere acorn given to Mr Pollard when he visited a college in Potsdam, Germany, 10 years ago.

As the then MP for St Albans, Mr Pollard made the visit as a Member of Parliament’s Education Select Committee. He explains: “The College in Potsdam, which greatly impressed me, is similar to our own Oaklands College. Bringing the little oak tree and letting it grow at Oaklands is symbolic of the relationship which I hope will develop between the two colleges.

“In time I trust we can establish greater links between the two establishments which can then both learn from each other.”

Zoe Hancock, Principal, commented: “We are really pleased that Mr Pollard has donated this beautiful oak to us and planting the tree outside of our new state-of-the-art Discovery Centre was the ideal place – a symbol of growth.

“We hope it will thrive in its new home and be the start of a great relationship between us and the Potsdam College where the tree’s journey began.”


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