Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

An Amazing Experience with Outstanding Learning so You are ready to Take On the World

Our Values

Achieve student success through:

  • Valuing diversity
  • Pursuing excellence
  • Working together
  • Being open and honest
  • Being innovative

Our Mission

To realise the potential of our communities

Financial Stability

  • Ensure that the income received in year is supporting existing students.
  • Enable the build up of funds to support continued improvement in the college.
  • New and flexible curriculum delivery models exceeding minimum contribution levels.

Strategic Aims

Talented and valued workforce

A challenging but supportive culture where everyone takes ownership of the mission, vision and values of the college.

High quality responsive curriculum offer

Responding to change. Listening and reacting. Focus on specialism. Focus on success. Focus on individuals. Focus on quality improvement.

16-18 Schools and Colleges Performance Tables

Equality & Diversity

We want to take each individual needs into consideration to ensure that you have a successful and happy learning experience. We therefore uphold an Equal Opportunity policy that states that every individual will be treated fairly and as equals.

Oaklands College is committed to achieving equality and diversity in an inclusive and supportive environment. There is zero tolerance to any form of behaviour which contravenes the policy. Click here to view our policy.