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Apprenticeship programmes give young people an opportunity to grow and learn in a work environment. With support from the College as well as the employer, apprentices achieve a nationally-recognised qualification.

90% of apprentices currently go into work or further training
912,200 people were participating in an apprenticeship in 2016/17
on average earnings increase by 10% after completing an apprenticeship

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?


87% apprentices were satisfied with their apprenticeship overall

Apprenticeship facts:

  • Learning in a workplace environment with minimal days in College
  • 97% of apprentices say their ability to do the job improved as a result of the apprenticeship
  • Ideal solution for forward thinking savvy individuals who want to develop their career

Employers design the apprenticeship standards, ensuring that learning is suitable for real work situations. With relevant experience and knowledge, some students will continue their career with the same employer following completion of their apprenticeship.

Myth buster



All apprenticeships include a day release at College In any apprenticeship, 20% of the working week is dedicated to specific training away from the workplace. For many, this can be a day at College but it may also take form of external or internal training, or specialist courses.
Apprentices have to be aged 16-18 This is not true - an apprentice can be any age, and can be already employed. You can also undertake an apprenticeship if you already have a degree.
Apprentices don't earn much Apprenticeship pay must meet the national minimum wage but the apprentices at Oaklands often earn above that level.
Apprenticeship isn't more than work experience An apprenticeship is a real job with contract of employment and benefits from day one, where apprentices are an integral part of the workforce.
University would be a better option You can still achieve a degree-level qualification while developing workplace skills - without incurring any student debt - through a Degree Apprenticeship.

The average salary for an Oaklands Apprentice is £9k - £12k (about £4.30 - £5.75ph) which is above the minimum wage for a 16-18 year old in employment without formal training.

Many Apprentices enjoy added benefits such as bonus, up to 5 weeks holiday per year plus bank holidays, discounted travel on local bus services and access the exclusive Apprentice Extra card which gives discount in the majority of high street retailers and restaurants.

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