Calling all past Oaklands students

College launches Alumni for all past students and staff to reconnect

The College has launched a great new opportunity for all past students and staff to reconnect with each other through the new Alumni.

The Alumni allows people to communicate with old friends or new, share experiences, career network, be informed of events, receive benefits and much more.

The College has introduced the Alumni at a very exciting time with a lot taking place at the main campus located in St. Albans Smallford, including new teaching facilities and an invitation from the St. Albans Hertiage Weekend for the 18th Century mansion house to be one of its destinations in September.

The Smallford campus will be a great combination of modern architecture with established culture and heritage. In building upon this sense of old and new, the College wanted to make sure that all students, past and present, are given a fantastic chance to share their memories and experiences of the College – which has been a teaching facility since the 1920’s!

Therefore, whether a student from the past 2 or 10+ years, in horticulture or in fashion, Oaklands College will help each and every person connect to each other and the College through an array of specialised tools catered to maintain lifelong links.

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