Charity car parking raises over £7,500 in 2019

The charity car parking initiative at Oaklands College's Welwyn Garden City campus raised over £7,500 last year.


The charity car parking initiative at Oaklands College’s Welwyn Garden City Campus was introduced over 20 years ago and still continues to attract visitors to its fundraising efforts. 

Since then, the fundraiser has welcomed charities from up and down the country to participate in the event, which makes full use of the on-site car parking facilities at Oaklands College. 

For as little as £1 on most Saturdays, visitors to Welwyn Garden City can access the parking facilities at Oaklands College, with all proceeds going towards supporting charities. 

Schools from the Hertsmere area, as well as local businesses and emergency service departments have all previously taken part with 27 local charities. 

A staggering £7,528.30 was raised in 2019 alone, with charity allocation fully booked up to August 2020. 

In addition to car parking, the fundraiser has also previously welcomed charity car washing to its facilities. 

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