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There are two theory modules in both years :
In AS: ‘Atoms, Bonds and Groups’ and ‘Chains, Atoms and Resources’.
In A2: ‘Rings, Polymers and Analysis’ and ‘Equilibria, Energetics and Elements.’
In addition Practical skills in Chemistry 1 (AS) and 2 (A2): You will be assessed through the year in a series of practical tasks. Qualitative, Quantitative and Evaluative. We plan to offer more than one task in most areas and the best mark counts towards your AS and A2 examination mark, respectively.
‘Rings, Polymers and Analysis’ builds upon the chemical concepts that have been developed during AS Chemistry and involves organic chemistry, including polymers and synthesis as well as analytical techniques.

Course Content - What will I learn?

We study OCR syllabus A. AS is taken in the first year, studying two theory modules plus a practical module: Atoms, Bonds and Groups, developing GCSE ideas in more depth and laying the foundations for further study. Chains, Energy and Resources, developing Organic Chemistry, how and why compounds react along with an understanding of energy changes in reactions.
There will be a substantial amount of integrated practical work in both years, to illustrate and improve understanding of the theory. Practical skills are to be assessed separately, by internal assessment, using OCR set tasks. In A2 you will extend the ideas you have met at AS.
Throughout the year you will complete unit F324: Rings Polmers and Analysis, which includes more advanced organic chemistry, including aromatic, polymers and synthesis, along with some methods of analysis – Chromatography and Spectroscopy.
Unit F325; Equilibria , Energetics and Elements will be started in the first term and completed soon after Easter. This looks at further energy changes, acids and bases and transition elements.


Am I right for the course?

If you are interested in the chemical sciences and would like to study a related course at university then this course is for you.
It combines well with A-levels in Physics, Biology, Mathematics and Psychology.

Six GCSEs at grade A* to C including Maths, Science and English. You must have Double Science at grade B or above and Maths at grade B or above (Maths must be Higher Tier). It is strongly recommended that you hold grade A in additional Science.
The candidate must achieve a Grade D or above in AS Chemistry to continue onto A2 Chemistry.

Your progress in class will be assessed, by end of unit tests, as well as through the completion of regular homework.

AS and A2 are assessed by two module exams:
One in January (15% of full A Level), one in June (25% of full A Level)

Internal assessment:
Practical skills in Chemistry 1 & 2, both 20% of the AS or A2 Level. You will be internally assessed for this unit through OCR practical tasks, in the 3 areas Quantitative, Qualitative and Evaluative. These tasks will occur through the year as the relevant skills have been developed. The best mark obtained in each of the areas counts.

The course team are all experienced science teachers with relevant degrees and teaching qualifications.

What Next?

Chemistry is an important fundamental science. It is an appropriate choice for those considering careers in the chemical sciences, pharmacy, medicine, veterinary science, biological sciences, food science, materials science, teaching and many others.

A Levels can lead you onto many different career paths, including university to further develop your skills in your chosen subject(s).

'Oaklands has been very different from school, it has set me up for college, the tutors have been excellent, the environment brilliant and I have walked away today with an A*, 98% overall and got into my first choice university to study Physics.'George Milleret, Intensive Maths A Level

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