A Level History (AQA)


History is the study of the past. It examines the political, economic, social and cultural issues of different cultures and eras. In A-level History, you will study a range of eras, developing an insightful understanding of events within their historical context. From an intellectual standpoint, A-level History is about the acquisition of vital learning skills: you need to be able to read and digest large amounts of information and to pick out what is and what is not relevant to the question or task you have been given. Studying this subject at A-level will teach you how to analyse, reflect and argue coherently and knowledgably within both class debate and your written responses.
There are many benefits of studying A-level History. You will get considerable enjoyment and intellectual stimulation when you have securely understood a topic. This is when arguments can be formed and you can involve yourself in the cut-and-thrust of historical debate. Your ideas and perceptions will be challenged through the study of different perspectives, meaning that you will really have to think for yourself which may perhaps even lead you to question your viewpoints. Therefore, this is a subject that is ideal for developing skills of higher order thinking and critical analysis.

Course Content - What will I learn?

You will study a range of eras, for example, Russian History, examining the nature of the Russian Civil War and the reasons for Bolshevik victory, the rise to power of Stalin and policies of collectivisation and 5 year-plans. Purges under Stalin and cultural developments will also be studied as will the Second World War and the leadership of Khrushchev. In addition to this, you will study the Making of Modern Britain from 1979 to 2007. Whichever era you are studying, you will consider social, economic and cultural change over that period. The extent to which Britain remains a global power will be considered especially as regards relations with USA and Europe. You will also complete a coursework module where you will be expected to write an analysis of a historical issue over a period of 100 years.


Am I right for the course?

If you have an interest in History and are an avid reader, prepared to read extensively in your own time, then you are right for this course. You need to be prepared to work and research independently to gain breadth and depth of the topics covered in class. You will also need to be prepared to do a lot of writing in class as well as at home.

You will need to have at least 5 GCSEs at 5 or above including English and a 6 in History, or English if you have not taken History at GCSE. You will also need to have good research, analytical and essay writing skills.

In addition to various in-class assessments throughout the two years of your study, you will be formally assessed through completion of a coursework unit and sitting two exams at the end of the second year.

All our A-level teachers are qualified experts in their field. Our teachers are also A-level specialists.

What Next?

History is a highly respected A-level and will open up a wide range of degree courses and careers. It is a sound qualification for many degree courses at university, with History graduates progressing to careers in business, journalism, research, teaching and other areas. History is about interpretation and developing your own point of view; it combines well with any subject, whether humanities or science-based but goes particularly well with English Literature.

A Levels can lead you onto many different career paths, including university to further develop your skills in your chosen subject(s).

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