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These courses provide you with all the skills required to deal with numbers in any situation in life, for instance, measure for carpet, split bills in restaurants to make sure you are getting the best deal possible, understanding data, working out interest and much more.

The valuable skills you will acquire will lead to a highly recognised qualification which will help you in all areas of your life and you will feel confident and capable to progress in your job or onto further or higher education.

Distance Learning means that you will only have to come to the college to undertake your exams when you are ready.  This approach means that you can do your learning at times to suit you from any location with an internet and a computer. You cannot do the learning on a phone, tablet or i-pad.

These courses  have rolling start and end dates between August and May, which means you can start as soon as your initial assessment and diagnostics have been completed and funding approved.

Government funding is available for this course if you meet the criteria which we will check for you once you make your application by clicking on the “Apply Now” button on this page.

Am I right for the course?

You will undertake an initial assessment and diagnostics to check your suitability for the course and this will determine your starting level for the topic, which follow the rules for funded learning.

We will give you an online assessment to find out what level you should begin your learning at. Your English will need to be at least one level below the maths course you need to study, as the language in maths is academic. With all Government funded course you must start studying at the level of your assessments and work your way up to the higher level if your results are lower.

Exams take place monthly and you will be offered dates on completion of the learning.

At all levels the maths qualification is assessed by two exams taken in the same sitting. The first paper is a non-calculator paper which you have 25 minutes to complete.

The second paper is the calculator paper where you may use a scientific calculator to answer the questions. The time and number of questions vary depending on the level you are enrolled on to.

You will be supported by an experienced specialist teacher allocated when your course starts, who is experienced in teaching the Functional Skills specification and continues to attend training sessions that allow them to keep up to date with current changes and modes of assessment within examination boards.

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16-18 years old, no tuition fees apply to Full Time courses and fees subject to confirmation. Additional costs applicable to BHS courses.

For all two year courses fees shown above are per year.

Aged 19+ and planning to take a level 3 or above a different fee may apply. You may be eligible for an Advanced Learning Loan.

All HE courses (full and part time) are subject to tuition fees.

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Contact our Admissions team to find out more about student fees and how they might apply to you.

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