Prep for Intermediate French (Part A): Thu 26 Sept, 19:00-21:00



The focus is mainly on developing your Speaking and Listening skills. You will acquire the ability to respond more flexibly to the complexities of situations through more detailed study of the grammar and vocabulary. There will be some focus on reading through and looking at public notices, tourist information leaflets, and adverts. There will also be some simple writing tasks such as filling in forms and writing simple letters and postcards to develop all skills.


Am I right for the course?

This course is for all students 19 years old or over. If you are thinking of travelling abroad for leisure or work, this is a useful programme. It helps if you are enthusiastic about the language and are willing to work with other learners. If you don’t mind making mistakes, that helps too.

This course is designed for students who have studied 40-50 hours of a formal programme, or have studied the language in the not too distant past. The course is split into three parts, part A is 10 weeks.
If you would like some advice on whether this is the course for you, please call 01727 737154.

Your tutor will discuss your needs at the beginning of the programme and then reassess them mid term and at the end of the programme. There is no exam attached to this course.

Material to be provided by the students – If students are new to the language they will be expected to purchase the course book which costs between 20-30 after the first session, notepad and pen and a target language dictionary.

You will be taught by qualified and experienced tutor.

What Next?

Continue on to Part B of this course.

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