Introduction to Floristry Designs: Wed 2 Oct, 19:00-21:00



To learn about aspects of floral design, be aware of health and safety and how to use floral foam correctly. You will develop an understanding of the use of tools and equipment. Be able to choose plant material and flowers for different designs and understand the need for conditioning and cleaning of vases etc.

You will undertake the following:
1. Table Design – you will create an all-round posy for a table decoration. How to soak and use bio floral foam. We will discuss how to purchase your flowers for the rest of the course and how to condition them to last.
2. Parallel Vegetative Design – you will learn how to create a design in the ‘vegetative’ style in a container. We will discuss the Elements of floristry design.
3. Hand tied bouquet – you will learn how to spiral stems and create a bouquet. You will be shown how to wrap the bouquet as a gift, and also how to finish the bouquet with other decoration and create a water bubble. We will discuss the principles of floristry design.
4. Front Facing Line Design – you will learn how to create a modern focal line arrangement with limited materials. We will experiment with wiring and taping techniques – and look at different wire gauges.
5. Asymmetric Design – you will create a small balancing modern design, useful for the home or an event. We will look at traditional floristry designs and 3/5/8 Principle.
6. Tied Sheaf Design – a long fan shaped design which is created to be laid flat, we can use dried or fresh materials to create texture, this design is suitable for either a funeral or gift. We will discuss colour harmony.

The cost of flowers are not included within the fee so you will be need to budget between £12-£15 per week.

Course Content - What will I learn?

You will receive an introduction into the world of floristry and the opportunity to learn the basic practical skills required when creating flower designs and if you are thinking of starting in the industry. There will be demonstrations and different guided floristry arrangements each week, these will be a buttonholes and corsages, table design, posy pad design, hand tied bouquet, asymmetric/modern design and a biodegradable flower crown.


Am I right for the course?

Do you love being creative and enjoy flowers? Thinking of changing career? then this is the course for you.

There are no entry requirements however all learners must be 19 years old or over.

Informal assessment and discussion will be used to support learners in developing their skills. There is no formal assessment on this course.

You will need to supply your own flowers each week, we estimate approximately £8 to £15 per week. A buying list will be provided prior to the first lesson and an apron. Basic tools and sundries will be provided (floristry scissors, tape and wires)

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