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Woman studying oaklands college functional skills course online

Functional Skills English – Distance Learning

These English courses provide you with all the skills required to handle your communication and deal with formal correspondence concisely and clearly using English to read and write appropriately.

Learn to write reports, formal letters, and articles with confidence, improve your understanding of the correct use of punctuation and grammar and learn to write with ease.

These skills will help you in all areas of your life and you will feel confident and capable to progress in your job or onto further or higher education.

Distance Learning means that you will only have to come to the college to undertake your exams when you are ready. This approach means that you can do your learning at times to suit you from any location with an internet and a computer. You cannot do the learning on a phone, tablet or i-pad.

These courses also have rolling start and end dates between August and May, which means you can start as soon as your initial assessment and diagnostics have been completed and funding approved.

Level 3 Diploma in Beauty Treatments – Saturday course

This part-time Saturday course course is for students aged 19+. This course is ideal if you are interested in pursung a career in highstreet salons and aesthetic clinics. This route enables learners to gain the required level of anatomy and physiology and facial skincare knowledge to progress to level 4 salon management including laser and advanced treatments or to go straight into industry with advanced training and knowledge of machines to enhance beauty therapy treatments.

The course has been designed to ensure that students leave college ready for employment, by developing and honing essential customer services skills, communication skills and retail techniques desired by employers.

The practical skills are taught in one of our four salons and practice is undertaken in a commercial salon on clients.

Level 1 Award in Home Cooking Skills – Vegan Cooking

Vegan cuisine is growing in popularity. It uses no animal products, such as meat, dairy or eggs and is more restrictive than vegetarian cuisine, which allows non-meat animal products.

This four week course is perfect if you’d like to explore vagan cooking and discover how to create a wide range of delicious vegan dishes.

Level 3 Award in Refrigerant Handling (F-Gas) – March

This qualification in Refrigerant Handling (F-Gas) can be the first step into the vehicle-based air conditioning sector. It also helps if you are already working in the sector to further develop your skills and get an acknowledgement of what you already offer. You will learn about the underlying principles and mechanics of air conditioning.

Level 1 Award in Home Cooking Skills – Sweet & Savoury Pastries

On this short course you will learn to make a range of pastry products every week covering the history and science behind them. Each week a cold plated dessert will also be made.

Learners will make 2-3 pastry products and 1 dessert a week. Over the 6 weeks learners will make basic pastry products using a wide range of skills, types of pastry and ingredients. Learners will make fillings for their pastries from scratch and make a dessert from the pastry or separate.

Ice cream will be demonstrated to learners and a small tub will be available to take home.

Level 1 Award in Home Cooking Skills – Artisan Bread Making

Artisan bread is crafted and baked in small batches, rather than being mass-produced. It demands a variety of skills, a knowledge of kneading, fermenting and shaping, together with the essential ingredient of time.

This part-time course for adults aged 19+ will allow you to explore various ingredients and develop craft skills in artisan bread making and encourage you to develop your own creative culinary ideas whilst using quality ingredients.

This course will cover the basic science and Maths and skills needed to become a good home baker.
Breads covered:

Soda Bread
Various shapes and sizes of loaf
Danish Pastries


The course develops the four skills for the Academic module. Typical task types covered for the Writing paper are:

Organising, presenting and comparing data
Describing the stages of a process
Describing an object, event or sequence of events
Presenting the solution to a problem
Presenting and justifying an opinion
Evaluating and challenging ideas

At the same time you practice more complex grammatical structures and communication at this level.

You will need to buy a notebook, and dictionary. Exam fees are not included in your fees.

Introduction to Counselling and Active Listening: Wed 19 Apr-14 Jun, 7-9pm & Sat 17 Jun 10- 2pm (Step2Skills)

The two fold purpose of the course is: 1) to give the students an understanding of the therapy world and what is involved in being a counsellor, and 2) to teach the students how to be fully present when in an active listening mode. Please note due to the funding, this course is for residents of Hertfordshire only, if you have any questions please contact ACL on 01727 737154 or email

AAT Level 1 Award in Bookkeeping – February start

This Level 1 qualification introduces the role of a bookkeeper and the underpinning knowledge to identify and carry out simple different bookkeeping activities, such as income and expenditure, profit and loss, and assets and liabilities. It also offers an introduction into the role, and the benefits and risks associated with bookkeeping software.

There is no need for any prior accounting or bookkeeping knowledge. It provides a solid grounding for students before moving on to the Level 2 qualifications.