14-16 Practical Learning Programme

Why wait? Start young!

Do you want to do a course that your school might not offer, enjoy catering or working with motor vehicles? Then our Branching Out programme here at Oaklands is your answer!

We work in collaboration with schools across St Albans, Harpenden, Welwyn, and Hatfield. This gives you the chance to come and study in an independent environment and to learn new, transferable skills, offering you the best start in your chosen area.

What are my options?

There are three main pathways that you can follow:

Entry Level

This pathway is for those of you who have achieved Key Stage 3 SATs scores at Level 3 or below. Some of the courses at this level are more practical, for example, Motor Vehicle or Construction.

Level 1

Those of you applying for this pathway should have Key Stage 3 SATs scores at Level 4. As these courses give you the opportunity to specialise in a particular industry, we would expect you to have a keen interest in your chosen area.

Level 2

This pathway is only available to those of you who have Key Stage 3 SATs scores at Level 5 or above. Courses at this level tend to be more theory based with some practical elements.

How do I apply?

Your Form Tutor/Head of Year will be able to tell you how you can apply for a course at Oaklands and can help you choose the right course. Once you have done this an interview will be arranged at the College to assess your suitability. This is your chance to tell us why you think you are right for the course. Please be aware that some of our courses are extremely popular and fill up very quickly.