Fashion students use Bass Culture Research to inspire end of year Fashion Show

Fashion students inspired by research into Jamaican Bass Culture in the UK centred their end of year garments around the compelling theme as part of their final major projects.


Inspired by research conducted by the University of Westminster into Bass Culture and the impact of Jamaican music on the UK. Fashion students from Oaklands College were tasked to deconstruct and reconstruct a variety of garments as part of their end of year fashion show. 

Using the influence of traditional bass culture musical themes such as ska, drum and base, garage and reggae.

Students used the knowledge and understanding gained from the inspiring research project to produce a wide-array of garments akin to the styles and colours of the mid-1960s.

Natalie Sturman, a lecturer in Art & Design spoke of the project:

“Overall, the students have been provided with a well-rounded project, from working on their initial design ideas to adapting them to fit the client brief, before creating music shoots to contextualise their final ideas.”

“The students used a number of textile techniques, from geometric patchwork, beading techniques and tie-dye, as well as sewing intricate musical notes into garments.


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