Going for gold with Derek Redmond

Derek Redmond, British 400m Gold medallist isn't just a talented athlete, but also a whizz at the Rubik's cube

Derek Redmond, British 400m Gold medallist isn’t just a talented athlete, but also a whizz at the Rubik’s cube, as Oaklands College staff and students discovered during his unique motivational masterclass yesterday.

Filling out the main hall at Oaklands College Welwyn Campus, staff and students were delighted by Derek Redmond’s ‘Going for Gold’ day, focusing on how to achieve self-belief, motivation and success. At one point he challenged lecturers to beat him at the Rubik’s cube on stage, and despite their best efforts, he triumphed, assembling the cube in just a few minutes.

Partnered with Eugene Matthias, Magician and President of the Magic Club of Great Britain, the duo combined special techniques and magic to inspire all ages of learners and teachers.

During his career as an athlete, Derek Redmond held the British record for the 400 metres sprint and won gold medals in relay at the World Championships, European Championships and Commonwealth Games.

He is also remembered for his courageous limp across the sprint finishing line during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics when he snapped his hamstring 250 metres from the end. The footage of him crossing the line with such determination was later used in campaigns for the Olympics to represent courage, hope and self-belief.

Derek commented about his day at Oaklands College: “What I want to teach students and staff  is how to achieve goals in life. You have to believe in yourself because if you don’t, you can’t expect anyone else to.”

‘Going for Gold’ was organised as part of Oaklands College enrichment programme designed to offer students extra-curricular activities that will enhance their learning experience.

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