Graphics Design students win My Kinda Future competition

A challenging opportunity came up for Extended Diploma Graphic Design students, to create an advertising campaign for WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature).


LONDON — A challenging opportunity came up for Extended Diploma Graphic Design students, to create an advertising campaign for WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature).

In collaboration with My Kinda Future (partnered with Dentsu Aegis), students were given three weeks to create an advertising campaign from the brief; to develop a marketing plan for young people (aged 18-24) with the aim of engaging them with WWF.

Students were asked to develop a long-term plan, which will encourage the younger generations to generously support and give what they can to WWF, to ensure the longevity and sustainable future of the organisation.

Students were placed into groups of two to three members to conceptualise an original idea, from which they had to design a logo, social media campaign, event and more for the overall campaign.

Graphics Design lecturer Huma Yousaf said: “Students worked diligently and produced high quality outcomes accompanied with a presentation contextualising their final ideas.”

Leah Duffy, Dion Bangisa and Tommy Quirke created ‘Front Burner’, a campaign that specialised in short term challenges that young people would engage with throughout the year, including staging a vegan week, biking to work week, plastic free week and much more.

The ‘Front Burner’ campaign challenged young people through the course of a year to sign up to WWF in a scheme which would reward sustainable behaviour with vouchers to support their sustainable challenge.

The campaign created a positive behavioural change as donating participants felt a sense of accomplishment and through actively purchasing sustainable produce, committing to a long term change, which the WWF support.

Additionally, Bethany Merston and Mackenzie Taylor designed an app that accompanied their campaign ‘WWF Regrowth’, a subsidiary of WWF which allowed people to purchase their own tree and regularly donate to ensure its growth over a long-term basis.

The ‘Regrowth’ app, which finished as third runner-up in the competition, allowed fundraisers to choose the conservation project that they want their money to go towards, so that donors felt a sense of ownership that their money is going towards a cause they would be committed to and passionate about.

Finally, Megan Rixon, Liam Fuller and Tanzy Holloway produced a campaign that tackled the issue of ‘fast-fashion’ and came up with multiple schemes that would tackle the environmental issue within their campaign; ‘Bandwagon’.

The main components of ‘Bandwagon’ were to stop animal cruelty by substituting safer alternatives and to encourage renewable fashion which would create a scheme for college and university students to produce a ‘Save your Species’ collection, which would be made entirely from recycled fabric and showcased at London Fashion Week 2021.

‘Bandwagon’ would create fashion incentives that long-term donors can enjoy, such as creating exclusive collections from high-end fashion brands that long-term donors of WWF could gain special access to with exclusive vouchers and promotional codes.

Impressively, all three groups were shortlisted for the final; where they would be expected to present their campaign to a panel of judges at the Facebook Head Offices in Central London.

The judging panel concluded that ‘Bandwagon’ was the resounding winner of the competition, as judges felt it best answered the client’s brief and covered many different aspects of fast-fashion and sustainability.

Excitingly, the winning students; Megan Rixon, Liam Fuller and Tanzy Holloway will now be given the opportunity to take forward their campaign to WWF with the view of making their campaign a reality and intern with Dentsu Aegis.

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