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Introduction copy. The level 2 Diploma Bench Joinery is available at the Smallford Campus. This course is designed to give learners their first xperiences or expand on previous experiences in Bench Joinery.

At Oaklands we take great care to ensure that all our teaching is delivered by an expert in that given discipline. Our vocational provision is delivered by qualified teachers with experience in their particular field. Our Sports courses are supported by Olympians, international level athletes and current international coaches. Our academic teaching is delivered by qualified experts with success rates in excess of national averages.

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  • Good success rates
  • Well managed programmes
  • Good teaching
  • Particularly effective monitoring of progress
  1. Good success rates
  2. Well managed programmes
  3. Good teaching
  4. Particularly effective monitoring of progress
Thank you so much for organising the New to Oaklands BBQ. I had an amazing time with all my friends and we made some new friends too. Can't wait to start Oaklands