Meet the Tutor: Denise Tinant

Meet Denise, an A Levels tutor at Oaklands College since 2010.


Meet Denise, an A Levels tutor at Oaklands College since 2010. 

So, Denise – Tell us about yourself. 

“I have been at Oaklands for over a decade. I mainly teach A Level Sociology, which is my passion.”

What are your lessons like? 

“My classes are filled with debates, we spend a long time putting the world to rights! My favourite unit to teach is ‘Global Development’, which we study in year two. 

My lessons contain a mixture of documentary film, real life experience and discussions about the lives of people from war-torn countries in Africa, areas affected by drought and famine across the world, sweatshop workers in South Asia and those affected by e-waste recycle poisoning across the world.”

What can Sociology students expect to learn? 

“A lot of Sociology is reflecting on our own experiences and looking into our own lives, the decisions we make, whether we buy ethically, campaign for change, or interact with people around us from different cultures and walks of life. 

Every student finishes Sociology with an entirely different way of thinking, reflecting and reaction to the world, as well as plenty of opinions to take home with them and discuss every night!”

What do you enjoy about teaching? 

“Teaching sociology will never be routine, every day there are new world events, more student experiences to hear, more political outrages to discuss. I love to hear different opinions about injustice, inequality and changing culture and I enjoy teaching sociology because I learn so much from the students about the lives of young people in such a rapidly changing society.”

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