Interest sparked by a conversation in passing

04 May 2017
Hollie Steer
From Watford
Apprenticeship Level 4 Business Administration
Position Learning Resource Centre and Student Administrator, Oaklands College

After studying her A-levels and a year at University, Hollie was keen to settle into full time work and was ready for a new challenge.

Despite initially starting her Oaklands career as a member of the admin team at St Albans and later Welwyn Garden City, Hollie explored an interest in Apprenticeships sparked by a conversation in passing with the Apprenticeship team in college.

Two months after that initial conversation, the paperwork was signed and she started her Level 4 Business Administration Higher Apprenticeship, giving the option to gain a qualification and learning experience.  She shares her story here:

I took my A Levels at Queens School in Applied Business and Psychology, and soon felt university wasn’t quite right for me. I came to Oaklands initially to work, but conversations with colleagues led me to the chance of doing an Apprenticeship. It presented itself as a great opportunity - some structure, and learning blended with working on the job.

I am currently coming to the end of the BTEC workshops in my Apprenticeship, which are much like the ‘theory’ side of my skills and learning. From there I’ll move on to the NVQ side which focuses more on evidencing and demonstrating what I have learnt. It will put my skills into practise and also I think help me personally in terms of boosting my personal confidence.

I have been given some projects to manage, one of which will include helping the commercial department create and launch a newsletter to share news about all the services we offer around college that could be of use to the wider community, such as dining at our onsite restaurant The Stables, using our Sports Zone facilities and booking conference rooms which are available for hire.

We have currently made a plan and will be launching in the next few weeks. It will be interesting to project manage from conception through to producing the newsletter and evaluating and improving its success over time.