Oaklands College achieves best ever Ofsted inspection

03 May 2010

The Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) announced today that Hertfordshire based Oaklands College, has recently achieved its best ever Ofsted rating, receiving the second highest attainable national grade, an overall “Good.”

The College’s processes for assuring quality of teaching were described as “rigorous” and the support provided by teachers “highly-effective”. Inspiring leadership, an open management style and effective team working were attributed to the College’s overall success.

Oaklands College, with campuses across Hertfordshire, was noted for its exceptional progression from the last inspection in 2005, and the college received acclaim for, “strong leadership”, “the campus learning environment”, “its safeguarding policy,” “inclusive ethos”, ”celebration of diversity” and its “robust assessment features.”

Learners were praised for producing work of a high standard and developing good skills that effectively contribute to their future economic well-being. The extensive enrichment programme provided by Oaklands College was also noted as enabling many students to participate in additional activities that enhance their enjoyment and personal development.

Several curriculum areas were praised in the report for providing a comprehensive and successful teaching and learning environment, these included:
• Health and Social Care
• Literacy, Numeracy and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
• Performing Arts and Media
• Construction learner responsive provision

Mark Dawe, Principal and Chief Executive of Oaklands College commented: “Achieving this grade is an important milestone for us and reflects the strength of our teachers and curriculum. By working together, being innovative and pursuing excellence we have achieved a high standard of teaching and learning.”