New Shine Scheme launched

20 September 2010

Oaklands College has struck upon a great way to motivate staff and encourage excellence while rewarding local charities and groups.

The new ‘Shine Scheme’ launching this month, offers staff an opportunity to nominate colleagues for their exceptional work around the Oaklands College Values, including equality and diversity, pursuing excellence, innovation and working together.

There will be four competitions a year and each one will be themed around a different value.

The first one, launching this week, will be focused on celebrating equality and diversity and   entries close at the end of October.

The Senior Management Team will pick a winner who has shown the most dedication to or outstanding work around one of the values and the winner will receive £250 to donate to a charity of their choice. 

Mark Dawe, Principal at Oaklands College, comments: “In times of austerity, it’s important to keep staff motivated and to support the local community as much as possible.

“This scheme achieves both and we hope it will be a success. The local charity will not only get money but also exposure in the college which will help to raise overall awareness.”