Oaklands College embraces British film industry

26 September 2010
A little corner of Hollywood is coming to Oaklands College this autumn as it plays host to an independent film company, BritPack, using the college for their new movie The Manual.

Oaklands College will form the main location in the film, the Scientia Decerno Fatum School, where a philosophical romance with a scientific twist will play out.

Darren Paul Fisher, Writer, Producer and Director of The Manual and ex-media teacher at Oaklands College comments: “When we were looking at possible film locations, I knew that the college’s Smallford Campus would be perfect, with a mix of older and more modern buildings set in spacious grounds.

“It’s great that Oaklands is supporting the local film industry in this way and we are very keen to get the students involved as much as possible.”

Mark Dawe, Principal and Chief Executive of Oaklands College, said: “As well as it being a lot of fun, having a film crew on site offers a fantastic opportunity for our students to get involved and get some real life experience of the industry and how it’s done.

“Our media students are fully intending to get behind the scenes and benefit from work experience which will help them in their future careers.”

Darren’s previous films include Inbetweeners and Popcorn, both critically acclaimed and distributed worldwide. Filming will start during October half-term.

To find out more about the movie, please visit The Manual Movie page on facebook and become a friend of the movie for sneak previews and competitions.  For further information visit the website www.themanual-themovie.com