Finding out about Census 2011

28 February 2011
Last month Citizenship students had the chance to meet with Census 2011 officers who discussed the importance of the Census and how they could get involved in helping to promote it.

The Census is carried out every 10 years, it is compulsory to complete and census day this year lands on March 27th.

Students asked how they could help and how they choose what questions to ask.

Alan Morden, Census Area Manager, commented: “Go to where there is a range of opportunities from paid placements to voluntary schemes which could enhance your CV. Everyone’s help would benefit in order to get a complete and full account of the population of the UK.

“The census information is kept private for 100 years so all personal information is confidential until then. However, statistical information is pooled and given to various sources especially the local government so that they can provide funding and provision for varying groups.

"Filling out the census promotes services for all. If minority groups do not fill out their information, or are not truthful, local services maybe cut as the statistics would show that there is no need for them. Equality and Diversity and Equal Opportunities are promoted in our society from data collected in the census.”

Students were engaged and wanted to help the census be a success in 2011 and beyond.