Jack Easton, Green Party, visits Oaklands College

15 March 2011
On Tuesday March 15th, in keeping with bipartisan teaching, Government and Politics AS as well as AS Philosophy students took part in a presentation from Jack Easton, the Parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in the 2010 General Election.

Jack talked about the main Green Party philosophical principles and how these  translate to party policies. Jack also described what it was like to be a parliamentary candidate and his enthusiasm for the role.

One of the main aims of the Green party is to allow us all to live in a sustainable world.

Jack gave an interesting and informative presentation, which also included some dramatic images and technical data of where our world is heading in terms of its resources.

That brings to a close the party political presentations from this year.

We would like to thank the representatives from the Green Party, Liberal Democrat Party and the Conservative Party – and welcome them again in the future. Unfortunately UKIP and Labour did not respond to our requests for speakers.