Students make art for sculpture trail

08 May 2011

Transition programme students have had a fun week creating fabulous sculptures for the Alban Way walking paths.

In collaboration with St Albans Arts, Sports & Health and St Albans Museum, the students have been coached by Ella Robinson, a sculpture artist based in Brighton, learning about pattern, colour and form.

Ella's work is all made from reclaimed material so the students have learnt that they can make art from anything they find and don't have to buy new materials to create something special.

Caroline Foster, Transition Course Programme Manager at Oaklands College, commented: "The students have come up with lots of ideas - mainly around the topic of college and what it means to them.

"This project is a great example of how Oaklands College has developed a supportive and collaborative relationship with St Albans Art, Sports and Health, and St Albans Museum."