Springfield and Citizenship A Level Collaborative Project

28 February 2012

Over the last few months Libby Holman, Delia Towler and Hans Svennevig have been meeting together to arrange a collaborative project between the Springfield department, which caters for Entry Level students with disabilities and learning difficulties, and AS Citizenship students.

The objectives of the collaboration are:
  • Providing AS Citizenship students with a project that actively engages them within in their college community, creating a resource that will help other students
  • Providing Springfield pre-entry level learners with new tools to help in their learning, while introducing new students to them
  • Promoting Equality and Diversity across two college departments

On February 8th,Citizenship AS students were given a detailed tour around the Springfield department. They were introduced to learners and able to ask questions about how Springfield works and what sorts of learners it provides for. This was a very eye opening experience for the Citizenship students and they received in depth insight into the level of work that Springfield do for the community of entry level learners.
After the tour, the Citizenship group were split into two smaller groups with the aim of creating an interactive story that Springfield learners could complete as part of their course. The exercise was designed to help Citizenship students engage with Springfield learners, promoting team work and producing a positive resource.

The Citizenship students will complete their projects by the end of this term, and then submit them to Springfield. Delia Towler and Libby Holman will then try out their projects with the Springfield learners and give feedback to the Citizenship learners on how successful their attempts were.