Students learn about combatting violence

13 March 2012
Peter Neall from the Neall Scott Partnership ( came to talk to AS Citizenship students and A Level Tutorial students about violence on Wednesday 14th March.

Peter discussed how violence permeates society and asked students to consider how people violate each other every day by speaking aggressively and using threatening behaviour.

Peter asked the students to feedback to the group ways in which they have experienced and participated in violence and where they felt this behaviour came from. Peter asked the students to challenge their own prejudices and  move from being aggressive and violating others to being curious and learning about each other.

Peter believes that violence does not come from others around us but from within ourselves and the only way to eliminiate it from society is to tackle it within ourselves.

Peter uses discussion and active thinking skills to encourage the students to reach learning outcomes. He is an inspirational speaker who draws a very captive audience and really ties together concepts of equality and diversity with respecting each other. If you would like more information please contact Peter directly through his website.