Keep Our NHS Public

23 April 2012

On Monday 23 April Eileen Smith, from Keep Our NHS Public, came to talk to the A Level Citizenship students at the College about the campaign to prevent privatisation to the NHS.

Eileen talked to the students about her hero Aneurin Bevan who spearheaded the establishment of the NHS after World War II – before the NHS a patient would not receive care if they could not pay for it. Eileen discussed that her campaigning has included picketing, protesting, producing leaflets and petitions, all to help raise awareness.

A fellow campaigner of Eileen’s, June – who was in the National News for preventing the Health Minister from going into Downing street – was bought up as an example of how simple actions can cause a great deal of attention.

Eileen asked the students to consider how they could help in the future, and suggested that they talk to their own GPs about private and public services that they offer.

The session was an eye opener to all of the students and a thoroughly engaging event to help them understand the range of campaigning activities that can be utilised for any campaign.

Read Eileen’s interview in the Guardian newspaper here