Local politicians face Oaklands students at Question Time

29 March 2015

30 March 2015

Students got the chance to hear from their local politicians at the College’s own Question Time.

Each politician took to the stage to tell an audience of 250 students what they hoped to achieve if their party was successful in the next general elections in May. 

The guests were:
  • Anne Main MP from the Conservatives
  • Chris Wright from UKIP
  • Sandy Walkington from the Liberal Democrats
  • Kerry Pollard from Labour
  • Jack Easton from the Green Party

They then took questions from students that covered a wide range of issues, including university tuition fees, the Trident programme and NHS waiting times for mental health support. 

The event was organised by Oaklands Students’ Union (OSU) and was part of its wider campaign to encourage students to register to vote. After the questions, students were able to register there and then. 

Luke McConnell, OSU’s President for the St Albans Campus, said: “It was really exciting to host this event and it was a great chance to promote voting amongst the students. We want to get as many students as possible registered to vote. The elections will affect everyone and if you don’t vote, you won’t have your say.”