College grooming salon tackles dog phobia

17 June 2015

The College’s dog grooming salon featured in a Sky 1 series where people combat their phobias. 

Extreme Phobias, Extreme Cures sees people deal with a variety of phobias and in a recent episode, viewers watched ten people who wereterrified of dogs visit the College’s grooming salon at the St Albans Campus. 

Salon manager Linda Stone said: “They met the dogs outside and there was a lot of anxiety. We showed them around our facilities and we calmed them down. 

“We made a lot of progress with some of the visitors. By the end of it they were brushing, bathing and handling the dogs.” 

Linda, who also runs the Hair of the Dog grooming salon at Hatfield House, believes better education and understanding would go a long way to prevent fear of dogs. 

“I think it’s a lack of information and education that causes people to be scared of dogs, and sometimes the media can have a negative effect on people’s perception of dogs too”, said Linda, who lives in Stevenage. 

“Dogs react to how we feel – if we are nervous, the dog picks up on it and becomes nervous too. A little more understanding into how dogs behave would go a long way to tackling misconceptions of dogs.”
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