Oaklands students celebrate GCSE results

20 August 2015

21 August 2015

After months of hard work and revision, students gathered at both campuses to collect their GCSE results.

For many students, the exams were resits, as they may not have got the grades they needed when they sat the exams at school, or they may have needed GCSEs to move forward in education or employment. 

Andrew Logan, 24, achieved a B in Maths, which means he has now got his place at university. “It’s an amazing feeling. It means I’ve got my place at Surry University to study Paramedic Science. It was a lot of work but it feels great.” 

Denise Allen, who achieved a B in English, has worked as a healthcare assistant for 16 years and can now study the Access to HE Nursing course. “I was really shocked because I panicked in the exam and thought I hadn’t done well but now I can progress my career and I’m really pleased.” 

Daniel Kitchener, 22, played semi-professional football at school and didn’t focus on his exams. After an injury ended his football career, he began working as a healthcare assistant. 

“Today I got an A in English and two Bs in Maths and Science, meaning I can now study the Access to HE Nursing course and I’m another step closer to my dream of working as a paediatric nurse.” 

Oaklands Principal Zoe Hancock said: “For many of our students, not having the right GCSE results mean they can’t move on in education or get the career we want. We’re very proud of our students for achieving the grades they need to move forward.”