We're all winners at Inter FE Games

30 March 2017
The sunshine welcomed over 130 Oaklands College students to Hertfordshire Sports Village this week as ‘Team Oaklands’ stepped up to compete in the annual Inter FE Games. 

Students pulled together from both mainstream and the Special Educational Needs (SEN) departments to represent the college across 10 different sports to battle it out against the other three FE colleges in Hertfordshire, West Herts College, North Herts College and Herts Regional College.

The Inter FE Games welcomed students from all study areas and of all abilities, all coming together for  a bit of friendly competition and to represent the college against others across Hertfordshire. 

The Inter FE Games are led by Herts Sports Partnership in conjunction with the four College Sport Makers at each of the colleges and are supported by the sports national governing bodies on the day to run the events. 

Kick-starting the day was a brilliant display at the opening ceremony by basketball freestyler Andrew Wilding  and football freestyler Jamie Knight before students headed off to their separate areas of the Sports Village to prepare to get started.

In addition to students taking part, Oaklands also had 13 students helping to run the day as part of their work experience. They were involved in assisting in setting up the activities, assisting with the students in the SEN events and recording the scores during the day. 

After finishing in fourth place last year, Team Oaklands secured medal wins in areas across the board, making us third overall in the SEN events and runners up in the overall competition with West Herts College holding on to the trophies for the second year running.

The final results were:

Mens Football 3rd
SEN Badminton 3rd
Basketball WINNERS
SEN Basketball 4th
Womens Badminton 3rd
SEN Boccia 3rd
Mens Badminton 3rd
SEN Football 3rd
SEN Multisport WINNERS
Mens Table Tennis 3rd
Womens Table Tennis 2nd
SEN Overall 3rd
Mainstream Multisport 2nd