Media students create Marvel Magic at iconic WGC site

30 April 2018

A team of budding filmmakers led by an Oaklands Media tutor have been filming an ambitious web series in one of Welwyn Garden City’s most iconic buildings.

Media (Film and TV) tutor Mark Garvey and his creative team are bringing ‘Union Jack’ a Marvel comic-based fictional superhero to life in their ambitious film by the same title.

Mixing up a crazy cocktail of super-hero, action, comedy, espionage and horror, "Union Jack" is the adventures and mishaps of Joseph Chapman, MI5 agent-by day and vampire hunter-by night.

In recent weeks the team have been filming on location at night in Welwyn Garden City’s former Shredded Wheat building, a now desolate factory, owned by Wheat Quarter Limited.

With its peeling paint, industrial floor and panoramic windows, the venue is understood to be a possible location for future crews in the coming months

In addition to his lecturing role at College, Mark is an Independent filmmaker, writing and directing films such as the 2017 Essex-based revenge thriller ‘The Same Circles’. 

Mark said: “I have always been a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but frustrated with a lack of British Hero”.

Keep a lookout for the series, which is expected to air in Spring 2019.