Oaklands College Cycling Academies' successful second year

25 July 2019
This Summer saw the end of another successful year for the Oaklands Wolves Cycling Academy, with a plethora of student success stories resonating from the academy. 

Led by Jez and Leda Cox, the Oaklands Wolves Cycling Academy has embarked on a meteoric rise, producing a number of professional riders, whilst teaching and guiding students, providing them with life skills to take with them on their journey post-college. 

Head of Cycling Jez Cox said: "After just two years in existence, the academy has achieved an awful lot both as an entity but also for its individual riders, of which the first intake of our maiden wolf-pack has just graduated." 

The Cycling Academy has shone both locally and across the United Kingdom, in a variety of cycling events and competitions, producing 81 wins from cyclo-cross, both Junior and Senior road wins, as well as sprint and endurance track wins amongst others.

As well as impressive on the competition stage, the Cycling Academy has also achieved one British National Championship, two National Silver Medals, one UCL stage race podium and eight National series top ten finishes. 

The wolf-pack also made it's presence known in Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Spain and many more European countries, further enhancing its position as the sole elite Cycling Academy in existence. 

Jez added: "The Academy continues to offer so much more than the above, the comradeship that comes with spending literally thousands of hours together in all weathers, completing tough sessions, dealing with tough moments and sharing in each-others racing exploits has brought riders together and formed friendships, many of which will I'm sure, last a lifetime." 

If you're interested in learning more about our hugely successful Cycling Academy, you can do so here