Oaklands celebrates students’ A Level success

Oaklands marked another year of students achieving high A Level grades, with 88% of A Level students achieving grades A to C.

Oaklands marked another year of our students achieving high A Level grades, with 75% of our AS level students achieving grades A* to C, and 88% of our A Level students achieving grades A to C with 41% achieving an A or A*.

From this year students will be able to study the value-added A Level suite which builds on the college’s successful track record in supporting its students to achieve high grade outcomes.

Congratulations to all of our students! Take a look at some of this year’s student successes:

Becca Doidge Becca Doidge
Grades: Biology (A*), English Literature (A*) and Maths (A)
Progression: Becca is planning to take a gap year working as a teaching assistant and then plans to study English at the University of Manchester.
Amy Rigby Amy Rigby
Sociology (A*), Psychology (A*) and Law (A)
Progression: Amy plans to further her studies at the University of Southampton in Criminology & Psychology.
Maisie Doggett Maisie Doggett
Grades: Psychology (B), Sociology (B) and Law (C)
Progression: Maisy will be studying Criminology at Nottingham Trent University from September 2021.
Jo Birch Jo Birch
Grades: Politics (A), History (A) and Biology (A)
Progression: Former President of the Oaklands Students’ Union, Jo, will be studying History & Politics at the University of Birmingham.
Christiana Hetherington Christiana Hetherington
Sociology (A*)
Progression: Christiana will be studying Law & Criminology at the University of Sheffield.
Oliver Pleece Oliver Pleece
History (A), Politics (B), Law (B) and Extended Project (A)
Progression: Oliver will be studying Film & TV at the University of Hertfordshire.
Kamal Cornwall-Dwyer Kamal Cornwall-Dwyer
Sociology (A*), Politics (A) and History (A)
Progression: Kamal will be studying Law at the University of Manchester in September.
Ehigbai Ojehomon Ehigbai Ojehomon
Law (A*), Sociology (A) and Psychology (A)
Progression: Ehigbai will be continuing his studies in Psychology at Loughborough University in Loughborough, Leicestershire.


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