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Riding for the Disabled (RDA) team triumphant at the National Championships

On Sunday 15 July Oaklands College Riding for the Disabled (RDA) team competed at the National Championships held at Hartpury College, Gloucestershire.

This year the RDA team included three year 1 Landmark students and out of 200 competitors the College’s team were triumphant in over 10 events. 

Kristian Bell, Entry Level student, came 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the events he competed in and his father was so proud and amazed at Kristians achievements and the event as a whole.

Sarah Moreland, Oaklands RDA Group Organiser, commented: “Thank you again to all those that continue to support our RDA Group and congratulations to our successful riders, many achieving their ‘personal bests’. Without the hard work and support of all involved this wouldn’t happen, my appreciation goes out to you all.”

Congratulations to the following students:-

Emily Mair – 2nd in her Championship class, 3rd in the Freestyle and 4th in Best turn out
Katie Spence – 3rd in her Countryside Challenge, Dressage and the combined event
Katy Crouch – 6th in Best Turn Out
Georgina Maton – 2nd in her Championship class and 1st in the Freestyle
Katie Gulliver, who is an associate of Oaklands RDA – living in Northampton but rides side saddle and has partial visual impairment – 1st in both her classes, with incredible scores

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