Oaklands College student claims employee of the month just weeks after joining apprenticeship scheme

An Oaklands College student gave up her A-levels for work experience with a local security company and landed herself on a fantastic career path within a week.


An Oaklands College student gave up her A-levels for work experience with a local security company and landed herself on a fantastic career path within a week.

Morgan Mitchell, of Wych Elms, was recruited onto Amthal Fire & Security’s apprenticeship scheme where she will complete an AQA Level 3 Business Administration course.

A tutor from Oaklands College oversees and assesses her work every six weeks. The former Malborough school student, 18, said: “I would rather be earning money and learning at the same time than paying out thousands of pounds for a degree. I didn’t want to get into debt and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study.

“It’s great to now be on an apprenticeship scheme and know that what I am doing is enhancing the business as a whole.”

Morgan will have the opportunity to experience a range of roles within different team activities.

Assistant head teacher Richard Atterton at Marlborough School said: “We are delighted that Morgan is doing so well. Apprenticeships are an incredibly valuable opportunity for students to learn whilst they earn.”

“Whilst the traditional route of A-levels and University remains the most popular option for most of our students, we recognise the increasing importance apprenticeships play in skilling up young people for the World of work.”

Amthal commercial director Jamie Allam added: “Around 25 per cent of our team are members who have come up to us via apprenticeship schemes. It’s something we have committed to as a family business, to encourage job specific skills; and it’s always proven its value.”

Speaking to Oaklands College last year as part of our apprenticeship case study feature, Morgan said; “I’ve always preferred to learn on the job, rather than studying solid theory-based courses, I enjoy being able to apply the knowledge and skills I’ve learnt on the apprenticeship program to a professional working environment and witnessing the first hand positive impact it has on the company.”

Morgan said: “My advice to prospective students who are thinking about the possibilities of an apprenticeship program is to take your time and discover what you are passionate about, develop your skill sets and analyse what you’re good at and what you struggle with, once you know what course is right for you the rest will follow.”

Sally Mitchell, Morgan’s Mum and Head of HR at The Stickleback Fish Company said: “As a parent this is such a hard time as you start to let them fly.  She may not have taken the traditional academic path and I may have got her in for a week at Amthal, but a job was never on the cards.

‘The offer of an Apprenticeship scheme was entirely down to how she performed in that week – it gave her the best interview ever.  She convinced two other Directors and all staff members it was not only what she wanted but also the impact she could make.  We couldn’t be prouder of her efforts and the Award of Employee of the Month in her first month of being with the team!”

Please note the college will be closed on Friday 31st March for our staff development day
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