Oaklands’ Georgina takes gold in the saddle

Winning a gold medal at a sporting event is an amazing achievement - to win three is extraordinary.

LOS ANGELES — Winning a gold medal at a sporting event is an amazing achievement. To win three is extraordinary, but that’s just what Oaklands rider Georgina Maton did.

Georgina, 25, has recently returned from the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles where she represented Great Britain in Equestrian. Her hard work paid off when she scooped three gold medals in the categories of equitation, dressage and working trail.

“I wanted to come back with something but I wasn’t sure what I would get,” said Georgina, who works at the College’s Equestrian Department as a supported member of staff. “I really enjoyed competing and it was a huge honour.”

Georgina has learning disabilities and weakness on the right side of her body but her love of horses and riding has given her a sense of freedom.

“I didn’t get on very well at school but horses don’t judge you and they have given me the confidence to just get on with things.”

Now a Special Olympics ambassador, Georgina will spend some time visiting schools to share her experiences with pupils while she looks out for other competitions she can compete in. “I’m looking forward to seeing what my next challenge will be.”

Sarah Moreland, Head of Land-based Industries at the College said: “We are all immensely proud of Georgina and what she has achieved. She works really hard to be the best she can be and it’s really paid off for her. This is just the beginning, I suspect these three medals won’t be her last!”

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