Oaklands student nominated for coveted Student of the Year award

Travel and Tourism students were this week treated to a brand new learning environment this week.


Oaklands College student Deivi Kreka was nominated for the 16-18 Student of the Year awards last week, as part of the yearly ceremony by the Association of Colleges (AOC).


Oaklands students have gone above and beyond during challenging and unprecedented times with the COVID-19 pandemic, with the majority of learning taking place virtually and exam qualifications being decided by teacher assessment grading. With this in mind, the Association of Colleges were even more determined to again celebrate the success of a number of exemplary examples of students this year, highlighting individuals who have gone above and beyond to enhance their education.

One student at Oaklands College impressed his peers so much that he was nominated and shortlisted ahead of hundreds of students up and down the country, for the prestigious Association of Colleges Young Student of the Year Award.

Deivi Kreka moved to the UK from his native Albania in 2020 to further his education and eventually, career opportunities. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Deivi not only had to juggle learning a new language, but also adapt to a new culture, surroundings and lifestyle in an incredibly difficult and challenging period for all young adults.

The move was the making of Deivi, who immediately demonstrated the potential he had, both as a footballer and academically, adapting and overcoming the challenging new surroundings he faced.

According to his tutors, “Deivi is the epitome of perseverance, dedication and positive attitude.” A model student, Deivi overcame more than just the collective student challenge of learning through a worldwide pandemic, albeit equally as honourable. However, not only has he embraced the challenges of the last 18 months, he has also encouraged his fellow peers to do the same, ensured that his fellow students do not fall behind and taken on the unofficial role of the class ambassador.

An admirable character within the classroom, Deivi’s story, journey and struggles have inspired his fellow cohort to knuckle-down and fulfil their full potential, his classmates are in admiration of his journey both as a student and in his personal life and his determination and hard work has encouraged others to raise their grades and efforts at college.

Finalists will be announced at the AoC Annual Conference in November, with the winners and runners-up announced in Spring 2022.

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