Acorns Nursery Facilities

Our baby room is known as Blossoms and consists of children aged between 3 months to approximately 18 months. There are two bright and colourful rooms which the children can free flow between, offering a variety of different experiences and resources. 
We can accommodate up to 12 babies in one day, across the two rooms, and our ratio is one adult to every three babies although we do try to ensure that there is an extra person on hand in each room every day if possible.

A relaxed and calm atmosphere which creates a home from home feel is fostered. The children are nurtured by our experienced staff team and there is a real family ethos which continues throughout the nursery.  
During a typical day in Blossoms, the children will enjoy lots of sensory play, puppets, singing, stories, outdoor play, musical movement and much more. Activities vary depending on the children’s individual learning and development requirements to ensure that all children are included and valued.  
Once our Blossoms are ready for that next step, they progress to Willows which is for children aged between 18 months to approximately 2½ years. We can accommodate up to 6 children in Willows with a ratio of 1 adult to 3 children.
Experiences and resources mirror that of Blossoms such as the singing and sensory play however you can expect to find the children having fun in the role play area, the sand and water and the construction area. As you will see from most of our rooms, resources are at the children’s level to support their personal, social and emotional development such as their independence and decision making skills. The staff and children within Willows work extremely closely with those in Blossoms - it is not unusual for them to work and play across both rooms. This gives all the children variety throughout their day and enables them to role-model their play and learning to each other.

Little Oaks
When the children reach approximately 2½ years, they progress to Little Oaks which operates across two classrooms. Within this class we can have up to 16 children with the ratio being 1 adult to every 4 children.
The activities in this room continue to reflect the children’s individual learning and development. The planning is tailored to meet the children’s current interests and skills which mean that topics can vary and change very quickly! 

Children can expect to enjoy stories, puppets, small world play, construction, sand and water, painting, musical instruments and role play. The children also enjoy a spot of Yoga every now and then.


Social skills are being nurtured and developed in this room so there are many different strategies that the staff utilise to support the children. The children participate during circle time and they are encouraged to ‘self-register’ themselves when they come in by finding their photo and placing it on the wall. At meals times, the children take it in turns to hand out the plates, cups and cutlery to their friends and they all take turns to serve themselves.    
Cedars is our pre-school room so the children are aged between 3½ to 5 years. Cedars operate across two classrooms and can have up to 16 children with the ratio being 1 adult to every 8 children.
In Cedars the children begin to learn about their phonics and writing their name. During circle times, they discuss the weather, days of the week, months of the year and any other important issues the children would like to talk about. 


 During the week the children enjoy a spot of ‘Cedarcise’ which consists of light exercises and stretches which not only aids their physical development but also teaches them about being healthy, how to look after our bodies and the names of different muscles. The children have access to our interactive Smart Board and computer where they can enjoy playing educational games either on their own or in a small group which helps develop their ICT skills. The children also enjoy experiences such as painting, junk modelling, cooking, role play, trips out around the local area, small world play and the sand and water.