Learning at Acorns Nursery

We embrace the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework and we believe that the individual child’s needs come first and that children learn through play. A variety of activities indoors and outdoors, ensures that the children are stimulated and challenged in their development. 

As the Nursery is based in a rural location we have access to a large, well equipped garden which enables the children to learn and play on a much larger scale than when indoors. We have a separate baby garden for our little ones so that they can still experience outdoor play in a safe and age appropriate way. 

Whilst outdoors, you can expect to see the children playing in tunnels, cycling and using the climbing frame. We also have a mud kitchen located near the investigatory and den making area so the children can enjoy making mud pies and explore the different insects that can be found living amongst the mud and grass! The children participate in art activities, threading, musical instruments, small world play, reading and role play outdoors. We also have our very own nature garden where the children enjoy planting fruit and vegetable seeds and watching them grow. The children are then involved in the process of picking these fruit and veg, cooking them, and then the best part, eating them.

The children at the nursery also have the advantage of having unlimited access to the college facilities including the farm, sports fields and newly built gym. It’s not unusual for the children to see llamas and peacocks strutting round and enjoy parachute games in the gym and large fields.

Going Wild at Acorns

On site, located next to the nursery, is a large wood which the preschool children often enjoy with their teachers and peers. The children explore these woods, examining the different wildlife and nature they find on their travels, making dens and learning about safety outdoors. Sometimes, current topics are implemented utilising the woods as an interactive classroom. For example, the children enjoy re-enacting ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ or ‘The Gruffalo” bringing literacy to life outdoors. 

Inclusion and Equal Opportunities

Acorns Nursery aims to provide a setting that is free from discrimination, either direct or indirect, by educating our young children to celebrate cultures, religions and races throughout the world.  The children at Acorns Nursery are looked after and educated in a setting which is non-gender stereotypical and promotes positive role models globally in many facets of life, such as religion, politics and sport.  Our policy and procedures adhere to the Race Relations Act 1976 in that we will not discriminate on grounds of sex, race, colour, religion, and nationality, ethnic or national origins.

Acorns Nursery achieves this by:
  • Removing barriers to learning so that every child has an equal access to the full range of educational and care aspects of attending Nursery
  • Employing staff who receive training and support to ensure their delivery is reflective of current government legislation with regards to Equal Opportunities
  • Practitioners being positive role models who treat all within the community of the Nursery with respect, without exception
  • Adhering to the Government legislation of 'Every Child Matters' (2003)

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Local Offer for Acorns

This is our local offer for children with special educational needs or disabilities at Acorns Nursery click here.
For further information about provision offered in Hertfordshire please click here


The children are offered a variety of healthy meals and snacks throughout the day with a choice of milk or water. Our food has been nutritionally selected and is cooked on site at the college refectory before being transported to the nursery ready for staff to serve to the children. The children in Little Oaks and Cedars are encouraged to hand out the plates and cutlery to each other and to also serve themselves at their table. We believe that this supports their independence and social skills and helps develop confidence and self-esteem. We can cater for all dietary and religious requirements. If you would like a copy of our menus please speak to someone in the office.