Riding School Lessons

The Riding School

With a wide range of horses of different ages, shapes and sizes we cater for riders of all abilities; from those who have never ridden before to weathered riders. Lessons are organised by level of rider experience to ensure riders have the best opportunity to progress and develop their riding skills.

Taught by a BHS qualified riding instructor our lessons are fun and varied as well as being designed to stretch and challenge. Pole work, jumping and lateral school movements are all examples of the varied content included in lessons.

Group and private lessons are available at every Saturday between 8.30am and 5.00pm; additional private lessons are available on Tuesday mornings between 8.30am and 12pm. To ride at Oaklands riders need to be at least one metre high and 6 years of age.

Riding Attire

Whilst riders can borrow riding hats from the riding school, we strongly advise all our customers purchase their own riding hat. Hats should be bought and fitted by a reputable and knowledgeable supplier and should meet with current British safety standards (http://www.bhs.org.uk/safety-and-accidents/common-incidents/what-to-wear/headwear).

Jodhpurs are the most comfortable trousers to wear as they do not have seams down the inside of the leg or loose material that can fold and pinch the inside of the leg whilst you ride. However, a regular pair of trousers will suffice. Denims are not permitted as the harsh material and seams on the inside of the leg will cause discomfort and may damage the saddle.

You will need to wear a pair of sturdy shoes with a small heal of no higher than 1 inch. Wellington boots, trainers and open sandals are not appropriate footwear for horse riding.
We recommend that you invest in a pair of riding gloves. The local tack shops sell pimple palm riding gloves for less than £5 a pair.

We also recommend you wear several layers of thinner clothes in colder weather as opposed to one very thick layer. This is because once you start riding you will often warm up and want to remove a layer or two for comfort.

Waterproof clothing may be required if the lesson takes place in the outdoor school.

There are two tack shops in the local area:

GJW Titmus Ltd, New Mill, Lamer Lane, Wheathampstead, AL4 8RG

Martin Wilkinson, Coursers Farm, Coursers Road, Colney Heath, St Albans, AL4 0PG

 Time Level  Duration (mins) Classification Cost
 8.30  Private  30  Individual  £35
 9.00  Advanced  60  Group  £30
 10.00  Beginner  60  Group  £30
 11.00  Intermediate (16+)  60  Group  £30
 1.00  Novice  60  Group  £30
 2.00  Riding for the Disabled  45  Group  £12.50
 2.45  Lead Rein  45  Group  £30
 3.30  Intermediate (under 16's)  60  Group  £30
 4.30  Private  30  Individual  £35

Lessons are paid a week in advance so on your first lesson please bring two weeks payment.

Book and pay for ten lessons and get one free.

To book a lesson call

  01727 737728 or 07725 603 980 

Lead Rein

Lead rein lessons are for total beginners, each rider will be allocated a horse with a leader. The lessons will include how to mount and dismount the horse correctly and cover the the basics of riding. Riders will learn how to apply aids for halt, walk, trot and develop the correct riding position. Riders will progress to learn how to perform rising trot and gain confidence in controlling the horse off the lead rein.


In beginner lessons riders work on maintaining a balanced and correct position in walk and trot off the lead rein. Riders will develop the ability to steer and control the horse while maintaining the correct position and progress on to riding different school figures in walk and trot.

Once balanced and confident with steering in walk and trot riders will be taught and put into place the aids for canter and develop their confidence within this pace on various horses.


Now walk, trot and canter is established, this group will stretch riders to be able to work through all three transitions in the correct riding position. Various school movements will be able to be performed in walk, trot and canter confidently (circle, serpentines). Riders will start to develop the correct position and confidence over poles with the aim to progress onto working over small fences.


Split into adult and children classes the intermediate lessons will enable riders to learn how to use their secure position and lateral work (leg yield, shoulder in) to get the best way of going out of the horse. Grid work will be introduced to develop confidence in jumping before progressing on to linking jumps together in a course.


Riders will develop a ‘feel’ for the horse and learn how to work various horses in a correct outline as well as further develop their position for flatwork and over jumps.

BS Progressive Riding Tests

Riders can start to work towards the BHS Progressive Riding Tests within lessons.