Meet: Fraser

Meet Fraser and discover all about his journey to Oaklands College and his plans for the future.


Name: Fraser
Course: A Levels in History, Government and Politics

Fraser achieved an impressive C in History and a B in Government and Politics, resulting in an Unconditional offer from Southampton University to study History.

Fraser, who previously attended Southampton University to study Chemistry, decided that the course was not for him and came back to Oaklands to rediscover his passion for History and Politics.

“I am delighted with my grades, it means I can now go back to the University of Southampton and study History. I’m looking forward to University and beginning my studies, I plan to do a Law add-on as my goal is to pursue a career in History or Law”

Fraser excelled in his independent project (EPQ) on terrorism, achieving an A*.

I’ve really enjoyed my time at Oaklands College, I’ve enjoyed learning new things, researching and writing my EPQ

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