Meet: Michael

Meet Michael, a former student at Oaklands College who studied a National Diploma in Business.


Name: Michael
Course Studied: National Diploma in Business 

Similarly to his brother James, Michael studied Business at Oaklands College and went on to continued success in his pathway to employment. 

Michael, who now lives and works in Dallas, Texas, spoke of his gratitude towards Oaklands College and the tutorship he received.

Tell us about your time at Oaklands. What led you to study here and what did you enjoy about your time at the college?

“I had the best time of my life when studying at Oaklands College. I chose to study at Oaklands because it was local to me and the college had a great reputation of offering a full range of degree level courses. The teachers were the best part of my time at Oaklands as they were supportive, professional, motivational and always there when I needed them.”

Does your chosen career relate your studies, how has it evolved over time and what did you learn at Oaklands?

“Right now I am in the transformation of waiting for my Green Card in the US (I cannot work yet). However, I would say my studies at Oaklands College have definitely helped me in my chosen career.

I am currently looking to continue to work in Account Management/Customer Relationship Management and Sales. Oaklands College prepared me for my career as the National Diploma provided me with business knowledge, which has allowed me to continue to grow through completing my bachelor’s degree. This also equipped me to delve into other new business areas in previous companies I have worked in.”

What would you say have been major highlights of your working life that you may wish to share with us and our current students?

“The biggest highlight of my working life to date has been helping local communities. In my previous role at Tesco I was the ambassador of strengthening local communities in our area. While waiting for my green card in the US, I have also had the opportunity to get involved in hospital ministry, where I visit sick patients that need support. This has helped me gain and learn new skills that I never thought I could learn.”

On behalf of everyone at Oaklands College, we wish Michael the very best in his chosen career in the United States and look forward to following his progress.

If like Michael you are interested in studying Business, you can do so through our range of courses here.

“What you do now will determine what you do for the rest of your life. Get the grades you need and the world truly is your oyster!”

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