Meet: Morgan

Morgan is a Level 3 apprentice in Business Administration, currently working at Amthal Fire & Security in St Albans.

Morgan Mitchell - Level 3 Bus Admin Apprentice - SQUARE HEADSHOT

Name: Morgan 
Course:Level 3 Apprenticeship in Business Administration

Morgan, who was initially studying Child Care, decided to make a career and education change by pursuing a course which would allow her to progress with both her independent studies and career ambitions, whilst still earning an income.

The apprenticeship program was ideal for Morgan and she is confident that it will assist her in her pathway from education to employment.

Based at Amthal Fire & Security in St Albans, Morgan has quickly become a valuable member of the team and developed “a number of skills and responsibilities”, enabling her to enhance her job role.

Morgan’s administration role comprises of a number of important aspects, from processing invoices, office management and general administrative duties to liaising with the companies large variety of stakeholders, client base, employees and supply chains, Morgan has quickly established herself as a vital member of the team and was named the Employee of the Month in September 2018.

Speaking about her apprenticeship experience, Morgan said: “I’ve always preferred to learn on the job, rather than studying solid theory-based courses, I enjoy being able to apply the knowledge and skills I’ve learnt on the apprenticeship program to a professional working environment and seeing first hand the positive impact it has.”

“My advice to prospective students who are thinking about the possibilities of an apprenticeship program is to take your time and discover what you are passionate about, develop your skill sets and analyse what you’re good at and what you struggle with, once you know what course is right for you the rest will follow.”

Support systems are there for you on apprenticeship programs, my colleagues have been incredibly supportive and welcomed me as a full member of the team, not just an apprentice!

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