Meet: Numan

Numan is a Level 2 Business Administration apprentice currently working at Amthall Fire & Security service company in St Albans.


Name: Numan 
Course: Level 2 Apprenticeship in Business Administration

After completing his studies at school, Numan wanted to pursue a different path to his fellow students and siblings and looked towards an apprenticeship, so that he can progress quickly into the World of work, without having to study at University.

“I wanted to find a course which would allow me to combine theoretical and practical learning but still earn a living and have my own money, which is exactly what an apprenticeship allows you to achieve.”

Unlike his siblings and like many students studying apprenticeships, University was a pathway that didn’t appeal to Numan, he wanted to pursue studies that would enable him to develop his skills and industry understanding whilst in a working environment.

“Gradually over time, I’ve developed more responsibilities within my current role and now manage various software platforms which we use for client management, sub-contracting job processes and liaising with a variety of other branches on a nationwide level.”

Numan is confident his practical experience gained through working at Amthal Fire & Security will set him apart from other candidates when looking for full-time employment and has already been recognized by his peers for his contributions to the company. “I’ve been was encouraged and pushed by my peers and colleagues and as a result, have developed my communication skills, work-based skills and most importantly my confidence.”

“My advice to future students who are unsure about whether an apprenticeship is right for them, is to do your research and discover what field it is that you want to work it, then you can work back and look at the wide-variety of courses which are specific to that job field.”

Do your research before committing to an apprenticeship to ensure it’s the right course for you, then you can focus on being the best employee for that industry!

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