Meet: Taylor

Taylor, a Level 3 Nursery Apprentice studying at Oaklands College, speaks about her experience so far, shares apprenticeship highlights and her plans for the future.


Name: Taylor
Course: Level 3 Nursery Apprenticeship

Taylor speaks to Oaklands College about her experience studying a Level 3 Nursery Apprenticeship.

Taylor has been working at the on-site Acorns Nursery facilities, alongside her studies as an apprentice with the college.

“I progressed onto the Level 3 apprenticeship after finishing my Level 2 certificate in an Introduction to Earlys Years Education and Care at the Welwyn Garden City campus.”

Speaking of her progression on both a personal and professional level, Taylor has “learnt so much and gained experience that I did not anticipate that I would gain by studying an apprenticeship, it’s allowed me to put the theory I have learnt on the course to practice within a professional working environment.”

Taylor added: “The major highlight of my apprenticeship so far has been the environment in which I’m working. Acorns Nursery is a secure, safe and fun environment for both the children it cares for and the staff that delivers this care.”

Taylor also cites the relationships she has developed with her colleagues and the confidence she has gained as a result has improve the standard of care that she gives to the Nursery’s children.

Acorns Nursery Manager Wendy Taylor’s glowing tribute to Taylor further shows the effectiveness and success that can be achieved from studying an apprenticeship.

Wendy said; ” Taylor approached me with her CV and asking for an apprenticeship with Acorns. I was impressed with her persistence and initiative and this led to her working for us.

She continues to be very impressive. Taylor is based in Willows, a room for children aged 18 months to 2 years old but she also works with the younger babies. Her regular day includes feeding the babies, getting the children to sleep, changing nappies, playing and giving lots of cuddles.”

Wendy added: “As part of her role, Taylor is learning about child development and the theory behind children’s learning. She plans activities to encourage development and makes each of her key children a beautiful learning journal to chart progress. There is a lot more to a career in childcare than people realise and Taylor is quickly learning the complexities of the role. There is a lot of fun too and Taylor seems to enjoy every minute of it.”

“I am so pleased that Taylor sent me her CV that day, she is a real asset to our team and a valued practitioner.”

If you wish to carry on your education but do not want to be limited to theory-based classroom learning, then the apprenticeship route is perfect for you!

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