Meet Alex Twyman

Alex Twyman
Name: Alex Twyman
Course: BTEC in Sports Performance

After achieving a DDM in my BTEC in Sports Performance I left Oaklands intent on pursuing a career in coaching, which led me to study Coaching and Sports Science at Nottingham Trent University, graduating with a 2.1. 

My goalposts somewhat changed when I arrived at Saracens RFC straight out of university, in a work experience capacity during 2013. The role was with the Strength and Conditioning department where I stayed on as an intern for a year.

Having completed my internship and various strength and conditioning qualifications I went on to look after a Formula 3 driver in his preparation for the 2014/2015 American Indy Light Racing Series. Looking after the driver not only covered all aspects of physical health but also involved a large aspect of man management and logistical arrangement.

Thoroughly enjoying the exposure to the man management side of the industry I rejoined Saracens as one of the Player Management Officials with the view of becoming a rugby agent.

After working in the well renowned Player Management Department of Saracens for just over a year I felt the time was ready to move on, applying for a role with Essentially in the Athlete Management department of a company within the Chime Sports Marketing umbrella.

My current role requires me to be well connected within the rugby world and I firmly believe that attending Oaklands not only secured me my previous work at Saracens but also provided me with the contacts that I have today, which have been crucial to my career progression.

I have kept in touch with many of those in my year groups, a few of whom I still speak to on weekly and daily basis. Other than helping me mature as a person Oaklands also offered me a route into higher education I more than likely would not have pursued had I stayed in school, ultimately bringing me to where I am today.